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Childrens Day Celebration

AAA celebrated Children's Day on November 14, 2022The School Headmaster Higher Wing, Staff and Students were present for the event. The Headmaster welcomed the students with an opening speech giving an insight into the importance of the Childrens day. The day was blooming with the programs of students from skit to speech, the teachers distributed the gifts and exchanged the smiles with prayings for the future of the kids. The school provided the refreshment to the staffers and kids to make the day mesmerizing for AAA.The programme was initiated with a fiery and striking speech by the Honorable Headmaster, Higher Wing, Mr. Javid Ah Bhat, and concluded with grace and the illuminated thoughts of the worthy Teacher Representative of the Higher wing, Mr. Tahir Pala.

 Sincerely, AAA is thankful to all the bodies from the person who striked the rod of tent to concluding the program.

Glimpses of Childrens Day

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