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In pursuit of our mission to provide quality education to all members of our society, akin to what I envision for my children, Ayesha and Ali, we are dedicated to establishing a distinctive educational institution. This institution boasts world-class infrastructure, top-notch facilities, and a highly qualified faculty and staff.

I am delighted to announce the nearing completion of the Higher Secondary block (PACE Building) at Ayesha Ali Academy.

Founded in 2018, Ayesha Ali Academy is currently affiliated with CBSE and is in the process of obtaining affiliation with the IB curriculum.

The AAA SMC (School Management Committees), largely composed of current parents, plays a crucial role in the institution's operations. We strive to meet the high expectations of society and parents alike, aiming to nurture the individual strengths and skills of every child, empowering them to achieve their passions and goals. Our ultimate goal is to prepare students to be productive, effective citizens, and leaders in the global community.

Despite facing unprecedented challenges in our four-year journey, including disruptions due to the Kashmir shutdown in 2019 and the global COVID-19 pandemic, we persevere. While this year posed difficulties in launching the NEET/JEE/IIT Program and recruiting faculty from outside the state, we proudly welcome Dr. Pasha as our new principal. With his vast experience, we are actively recruiting faculty for senior secondary and pre-primary classes.

The Ayesha and Ali Padder Foundation will persist in awarding numerous merit and needbased scholarships to AA Academy students.

It is crucial to reiterate that AA Academy is not affiliated with any religious, sectarian, political, governmental, or Non-governmental organizations. The entire project is funded personally by me. I maintain unwavering faith in God that helpers will emerge from various quarters to fulfil our vision and dreams. 

Thank you
Chairman, AAA.

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Dr. Feroz Ahmad Padder
Chairman, AA Academy

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