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As the chairman of Ayesha Ali Academy, I am very delightful to announce that we have completed the construction of Ayesha Ali Academy, and have thus laid the founding bricks to a new era in education, and set forth a unique educational venture, aimed at fulfilling the needs and expectations of the people of our society.
My 1st daughter and son (Ayesha and Ali)passed away in a tragic car accident on evening of October 31st, 2006 in USA. Struck by the news of this great tragedy and unbearable loss, my 1st thought process started questioning the wisdom of The Allah Almighty--why did He take away these two most precious lives from me. At that moment, within seconds was BORN the idea of AAA. I firmly believed that The Allah Almighty wanted me to to educate hundreds and thousands of Ayeshas and Alis-- imparting upon them similar knowledge and skills that my own children would have achieved in USA.
Being born in a very humble and relatively under privileged family in Kulgam, Kashmir, I decided to start this mission from my birth place. My father died in my very early childhood (my younger brother was only 6 months old) BUT Allah Almighty provided me the best possible education from the premier institutions in the world (not less than any privileged person). He blessed me and most of my siblings more than any of us would have ever imagined or dreamed of. I hope to provide same chance to any orphan or under-privileged child like me. With that intention, Ayesha and Ali Padder Foundation will grant hundreds of merit and need based scholarships for students in AA Academy.
I want to emphasize here that aa academy is not affiliated with any religious, sectarian, political, governmental or non governmental organizations or any other non profit or for profit organization.
All the funding for this noble project is my own personal funds. God has given me enough and I believe in giving back. Allah Almighty has granted me new companion and three beautiful children--Ibrahim, Iman Ayesha and Irfan Padder. Alhamdullah.
Ayesha Ali Academy, being established in 2018 will pursue CBSE curriculum. The rules and regulations established for this institution will ensure its proper functioning and fulfilment of its legal and social responsibilities. The managing bodies of Ayesha Ali Academy will work directly under me in order to set high expectations of parents and to help build individual strengths of every child who enrols in this Academy.
The mission of AA Academy school is to inculcate the required skills in the students so that they are competent and skilled enough to go after their passions and to achieve their goals. We aim to empower our students so that they can become productive and effective citizens of the world.
AA Academy aims at building the character of its students along with inculcating high moral standards amongst them, from the formative stage to High School. It also aims at blending spiritual values with the modern scientific thoughts for upliftment of the society. The School aims at placing students in an intelligent and healthy environment in which they will thrive and grow in a modern and futuristic society. We have shifted from traditional subject teaching to comprehensive learning skills. The main focus is on learn how to think and learn independently.
I am extremely honoured to welcome every one into AA Academy and I look forward to meeting and exchanging ideas with anyone and everyone. I have full faith and belief that God will send me helpers from everywhere to fulfil this vision and dream.

Thank you

Chairman, AAA.

Dr. Feroz Ahmad Padder
Chairman, AA Academy

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