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School Management

Dr. Farooq A Padder

Patron Chief

Dr. Tanveer A Padder




Educational process has to be dynamic so as to absorb and keep abreast with all the changes, which are taking place in the field of science, humanities and teaching methodology. It is our endeavor to impart holistic education with traditional methods blended with the modern developments to retain balance. In keeping with changing trends of modern education, we recognized that in today’s world of stiff competition, it is not enough to provide holistic education alone but it should equally address the intense need for students to success at competition examination for a decent career.
We firmly believe that education means bringing out idea of universal validity which is talent in the mind of every man. Our motto is to provide quality education. We not only concentrate on studies but also try to inculcate manners, conduct and good habits as a part of conviction that education is a process of self-realization which stays with a person for life. In keeping with the changing approach of modern education AA Academy emphasizes on teaching through practical application at every stage of our curricula. This makes learning an enjoyable experience and the learning process far easier and an eminently accessible proposition.
We have set up world class infrastructure, technology enabled class rooms/environment that is conductive to individual’s growth. We have arranged the best human resources in terms of best faculty, best management and other staff to sum the institute, so that we can efficiently educate our wards for life. We want what all parents want for their children and indeed, what children want for themselves, that they should be inspired and motivated in an environment which is stimulating and existing; happy and safe.
Academic excellence and intellectual sophistication offer unsurpassed preparation for global citizenship. AA Academy prepare children for a life of leadership, service, respect for others, creativity, personal fulfillment and a sense of responsibility for one’s own actions. As we stand at the threshold of new era in a fast paced society, the role of education is not just limited to striving for excellence and providing an environment, to bring out student’s innate talent but also has to be meaningful and relevant. It has to provide young leaders with the necessary knowledge of how to face the challenging scenario. The future of our nation is being shaped in school and our classrooms. AA Academy will arrest the exodus of students from this region to other parts of the country for quality education and create the leaders of tomorrow who will be global citizens ready to face the challenges of the future. Well rounded development of the children is the prime purpose of the school.
The sense of dedication and educational excellence that this school has displayed at the very first year is commendable and we are sure it will continue the good work in future as well. We provide our learners passionate and enthusiastic teachers, caring and supporting staff, a learning environment, strong value system, tech savvy learning environment and concern for others.

We would not leave any stone unturned to reach our goal for perfection in the field of education.

School Management

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