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Facilities in the School

The school campus offers a learner-friendly environment with a fine blend of functionality and contemporary aesthetics. From its firm foundation, the school building soars to four-storeyed vertical structure, symbolising an educational setting that enables students to rise to greater heights. CCTV surveillance system, wide corridors and stairwells, fire prevention system, deployment of security personnel are among the several safety and security measures taken by the School to ensure a safe campus environment. All facilities in the school are IT-enabled with a provision for broadband connectivity and conducting virtual classes.

Smart Classrooms

The Smart classrooms are large and well ventilated. They are to accommodate not more than 35 children. Each Smart classroom is equipped with the basic amenities of lights, fans etc. Plenty of soft boards are hung around in the classrooms for the children to display their talents and skills. In order to develop a sense of accountability classes are maintained by students who bear responsibilities like class monitors, Smart Board monitor, black board monitors, Cupboard monitor etc.

Science Lab

The School has spacious, well-equipped General Science Laboratory. Models, Specimen, Displays, Charts, Learning Kits, Audio-Visual Equipment, etc. help teachers demonstrate, validate and establish various phenomena, and facilitate children verify theories, relate to fundamental principles and concepts.

Robotics Lab

Robotics as a part of our curriculum adheres to the needs of the changing world by polishing our students with a skill set that will help them in the longer run. The Robotics curriculum has been meticulously designed to allow our young geniuses to extensively explore the world of technology and robotics. We intend to keep our students updated with the most recent technological advancements rather than traditional and outdated teaching methods. Robotics is a fun and effective way to introduce kids to not only programming but also to engage their interests towards other subjects in a creative manner.

Computer Laboratory

The School has one air-conditioned Computer Laboratory with high-speed broadband connectivity and audio-visual facilities. All computers have the required configuration and software to support children's learning and the effective delivery of the curriculum. The computer lab provide an individual workstation for every child.

Mathematics Laboratory

The Mathematics Laboratory has a variety of concept specific learning kits, manipulatives, charts, games, puzzles, patterns, etc. to initiate children into logical thinking, reasoning, analysing and inferring; thus building concepts from abstract to concrete. The use of these resources to teach mathematics helps children to relate patterns, discover properties and internalise concepts

School Library

Well-resourced, aesthetically designed School Library with colourful age-appropriate furniture that creates an inviting ambience for the young readers. The library have dedicated high-speed internet browsing facilities for the students to access various online resources. A dedicated story-telling corner in the library makes it a special place for the students. The library have a vast collection of books that include fiction, non-fiction, biographies, encyclopaedias, storybooks, picture books, dictionaries and reference books on various subjects. The library have a large number of journals, periodicals, magazines and newspapers, as well as digital resources. The library also hold special events from time to time, which include celebrating author of the month, author visits, library week, book fair, etc.

Music Room

The Music Room has a variety of musical instruments to learn Music - both instrumental and vocal.


The Auditorium Hall is used for organising various activities such as guest lectures and panel discussions, debates and elocutions, quizzes and recitations, workshops and presentations, meetings and orientation programmes, etc.

Sports Facilities

The School has a well-laid, lush green playground, a multipurpose court and an indoor sports room. These facilities are used for providing coaching to students in various sports and games such as football, athletics, basketball, volleyball, indoor games like table tennis, chess, carrom, etc. Apart from organising regular physical education classes, these facilities are used for providing specialised coaching to students in various sports and games.

Medical Room

The School Medical Room is well-equipped facility to provide first aid and attend to any medical emergencies. The students reporting ill are attended by the qualified and experienced Nurse staff. The medical room has beds for students who are unwell.


The School has a well equipped Social Science laboratory. It is well equipped with equipments, apparatus and materials required for the subject, which helps in creating and maintaining a much needed congenial atmosphere for effective learning. The permanent display of important maps and globes, pictures and charts and constant reference to them by teaching is sure to make the teachers of social studies effective, lively and interesting.

School Transport

The School has a well maintained, dedicated fleet of buses with the required safety measures that include CCTV surveillance, first aid kit, fire extinguishers, seat belts and communication facility. The bus crew, including bus hostesses, undergo regular training programmes on road safety, safe driving, student safety, first aid, health and hygiene, punctuality, communication skills, etc.

Montessori Lab

Montessori Lab is designed to make learning more fun and exciting. Kids love this room as it has many toys and educational games. As the child starts exploring, we facilitate the little mind with activities pertaining to Arithmetic, Linguistic and day to day activities of Practical Life such as tying shoe laces, fastening buttons, brushing teeth and so on.

Playground Slides

A slide is a perfect equipment for any playground. Children love slides! Each child has once taken speed to slide down, and definitely not only once. Some of us adults certainly, too. A slide is indispensable for a playground. It assumes an important role in imaginary stories: It could be the escape way when playing tag, the starting point for an obstacle course, the finish point of a race, etc. A slide is also a playground element which provides many benefits that are necessary during the early childhood development.

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