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Message From the Head Girl










                    Asifa Javid (10th-D)

'To unseal, the potential in others is to reveal the leader in you'

As a young girl, I always dreamt to grow up to be a leader and accomplish my urge to contribute for the greater good and to always break boundaries and set examples. But as they say that leadership is not a cakewalk, the challenge of leadership is to be assertive but not imposing, to be humble but not frail, and be thoughtful but not slothfull!

Holding on to this revered position of the head girl, of Ayesha Ali Academy Kanipora , for the year 2022-23, I feel obliged, having given this opportunity by our worthy Chairman Principal/Headmaster and teachers, to be able to hold the AAA flag with immense pride and give back to my alma mater in my best capacity.

This school has recognized every child as a diamond and worked to polish it to shine with excellence. I feel enormously benefitted from the assiduous management of the school that has moulded me and carved in me a tendency of dreaming to reach pinnacles. Thereby, I look forward to be a leader who confronts the status quo at all times and teach all, to desire more, and unleash themselves in order to explore their individual potential, and with careful forethought i seek to unfetter the thinking of the upcoming leaders and my team members.

I am aware, that my actions, shall leave behind vivid footprints, and thus i look forward to inspire others through my actions and along with the council members , take the school to new zenith of excellence with the motto of 'acting not out of fear, but solely from love'

I have always believed that leaders are created and not born and thus my message to all the upcoming leaders shall be, With integrity, insight , inclusiveness and a relentless spirit you can unlock the hidden treasure of your talents and abilities because a bird sitting on the tree is never afraid of the branch breaking , since its trust is not on the branch but on its own wings!

God bless everyone, God bless Ayesha Ali Academy

Best Wishes

Asifa Javid (10th-D)
Head Girl 
Kanipora Kulgam






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