A Poem & Quotes from the pen of our beloved student - Ayesha Khanam ( 9th Discoverers )

Just Believe

Look how beautiful and Amazing you are!

Look how much you Can go far!

Look how much hard work You can do!

Look how far you Can pursue!

Dude! You are extraordinary.

For you, It can never be blurry?

Look there is a path front Of you.

Walk on it, slowly to Make your dream come true.

Just focus on the process else you will have stress.

Be confident, and determined, don't let your life to be a mess.

You are born to be successful no matter how the situations change.

Life is short, make it better, by shooting in high range.

Just keep it within yourself and yes, you can do!!

No matter, yes no matter ,what you are going through.

At last, I would say “Just believe”.

And there is hard work that you must never leave.

Ayesha Khanam

Few quotes:

1. Keep your vision like eagle, then be in a storm, you will find joy everywhere.

2. You're a bird yourself, why dream to fly?

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