Annual Award Ceremony for Session 2022

It's heartening to know that the Headmaster, Javid A Bhat, took the initiative on 03 Aug, 2023 to recognize and appreciate the teachers' excellence in academics and other activities. Acknowledging their hard work and dedication through certificates of appreciation is a wonderful way to motivate and inspire the educators to continue making a positive impact on their students' lives. It sounds like a truly special and uplifting meeting for the teachers.Recognition and appreciation from their head for their hard work and dedication can boost their morale and motivation to continue providing the best possible education to their students.It was a momentous occasion to recognize the hard work and dedication of our middle and high school teachers in the last academic year (2022-23). The occasion was anchored by Ms Ishrat Jan in a very beautiful way. 

The Headmaster praised the teachers as their efforts in guiding and supporting the students, particularly  those in grade 10, have been truly remarkable, leading to the outstanding 100% result in CBSE Board Exam, 2023.

He also expressed his gratitude to the previous subject incharges & committee incharges for their tireless efforts, as they have played a crucial role in shaping our students' academic journey.
A special thanks to our esteemed Headmistress, Ms. Ruhi Jan, for gracing the event as the chief guest and adding significance to the ceremony.

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