Girls Camping - Aru Valley, Baisaran Pahalgam

We am thrilled to share the remarkable achievements and unforgettable experiences from Summer Camp Phase III for girls from grades 6th to 11th. This camp has truly been an exceptional success, and it's all thanks to the dedication and boundless enthusiasm displayed by our wonderful students.

During the course of the camp, our students actively participated in a wide array of activities, ranging from competitive sports and games to showcasing their artistic talents through singing, dancing, and mimicry. The campfire night was a heartwarming highlight where our students came together, forging bonds through shared experiences and talents.

One of the most cherished moments took us to the breathtaking Baisaran 5km trek in Pahalgam. There, our students engaged in prayer,  our school song, and enjoyed recreational activities. This day allowed them to deeply connect with the natural beauty of the surroundings, nurturing a strong sense of environmental stewardship.

On the second day, our spirited students ventured to Aru Valley, where they continued their activities such as singing, mimicry, and embarked on an adventurous 2 km trek with unwavering zest and zeal. Moreover, on their return from Pahalgam, they had the opportunity to visit the historic Guru Nanak Singh Gurudwara at Mattan. Mr. G.N. Nayyir, Mr. Ismail, and Ms. Andleeba shared valuable insights about the history of Guru Nanak Ji, enriching our students' knowledge.

We want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated staffers and the management for their unwavering support and guidance, which played an instrumental role in the successful completion of this enriching summer camp.

As we celebrate the triumph of Summer Camp III, let us remain committed to inspiring and guiding our students towards excellence in all their endeavors. Together, we are molding future leaders who will carry the spirit of zest, zeal, and discipline with them throughout their lives.

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