Indian Swachhata League Season 2

We are  delighted to share with you the incredible journey of Ayesha Ali Academy at the "Jugad from Kabaad" event, organized by the Municipal Council of Kulgam as part of the Indian Swachhata League Season 2. It was an honor for our academy to be invited to participate in this prestigious event, where various schools from the Kulgam district participated but only Our Academy  showcased their creativity and commitment to waste reduction.

Upon receiving the circular in a very short period of time our students enthusiastically accepted the challenge and worked tirelessly to create remarkable models using waste materials. Their dedication and innovation shone through, as their creations stood out in our innovative cell. It was truly inspiring to witness our wonderful students transform discarded items into beautiful and meaningful works of art.

Ayesha Ali Academy had the privilege of being the only school selected to present these outstanding projects at the DC Office. During the event, two of our students delivered a captivating speech, which they prepared and delivered within a mere two minutes,because for speech we were not having any information but  their eloquence and confidence impressed everyone present, earning them well-deserved praise and recognition.

We are immensely proud of our students' achievements at the "Jugad from Kabaad" event. Their hard work, talent, and passion exemplify our commitment to promoting creativity, sustainability, and the importance of waste management. As a result of their exceptional efforts, all our students were honored with awards and appreciation certificates, which further demonstrates their remarkable talent and dedication.

Together, let us continue to encourage our students to explore ingenious ways of turning waste into valuable resources.I believe if we teachers take little efforts on students ,we  just need to guide them properly they will do wonders . May their achievements inspire others to embrace the spirit of innovation and environmental responsibility.

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