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Word Book & Copyright Day

Books are unlimited reserves of knowledge. Let’s make them our friend, guide, means of knowledge and comfort. 

On the occasion of World Book & Copyright Day on May 29, 2023, a special assembly was conducted  and a series of competitions and activities were conducted among students as well as teachers. 


The chief guests of the event were the Headmaster of junior high school AAA,Mr Javaid Ah Bhat , Headmistress of elementary school AAA Ms Rohi Jan  ,Academic Advisor of AAA  Mr Gh Nabi Nayyir And Teachers representative Mr Mohammad Ismail Bhat.

Best Reader Award

 Mr Gh Nabi Nayyir was awarded with the *Reader of the Year(Teacher), 2023

St Malik Nubaiz Nisar from grade 5th I as Reader of the Year(student) 2023.

It was truly the celebration of power of books and the joy of reading.

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